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CZTs ~ presenting new stencils for use in your beginning Zendala classes!
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The 12 piece class packs are intended for use by CZTs in a class setting to help students grasp the concept of working with zendalas by overcoming the angst of creating a string. Once students have a beginning knowledge of working with symmetry and balance within the zendala format, they’ll feel more comfortable moving up to the Zentangle® Zendala Set of more complex strings.

A note from Julie Evans, CZT Class #6:
I’m excited to share these new KalaDala stencils with you and hope you’ll find it helpful in teaching beginning Zendala classes!

When teaching my first Zendala class, the Zentangle Zendala Sets hadn’t been revealed so I had to find a way to share this wonderful art form with my students using the supplies I had—a Zentangle tile, a quarter, two soup cans and a plastic cup! Tracing circles from items around the house is perfectly okay, but isn’t very portable. Drawing zendalas freehand (organically) was an option, but worries over symmetry and centering the design on a tile created unnecessary angst.

I wanted a better way to introduce students to this new tangling format, so with my graphic design background and the help of my Silhouette Cameo digital cutter, I developed…KalaDalas Stencils: 12 piece class packs, 5-piece Samplers and Large Demo stencils, and (NEW) Step-Out Stencils for collecting tangles in your journals.

  • Each portable and reusable 3.5 inch stencil fits a standard Zentangle tile and is cut from heavyweight card stock (colors will vary). Vinyl waterproof stencils also available. 
  • Large Demo Stencil measure approximately 12 inches square is are available for use with your demo board. Sold separately.
  • Samplers include one stencil of each of the 5 designs for fun and exploration. 4.5 inch round 5-piece Samplers also available in vinyl, perfect for Zendala round tiles!
  • The 5 + 5 Collection including all 5 Large Demo Stencils and a 5-piece Sampler (available in card stock and vinyl).

Shop KalaDalas Stencils on ETSY!