Meet Hula Berry… my first tangle design

Welcome to the premiere post of Julie’s Zen Bliss! I’m finding it hard to come down from the incredible weekend in Massachusetts with Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas at Zentangle’s  6th Teacher Training Seminar! While there, I developed a new tangle—HULA BERRY—which was unveiled on Sunday morning after a little dolphin breathing. You just had to be there.

Hula Berry is a great border element or filler when you want to break out of the box or string) It looks great any way you turn the tile and is flexible enough to handle lots of variation (extra tendrils, perfs, and shading effects). Use Hula Berry in good health and credit me if you don’t mind—it’s my first tangle and I’m kinda proud of it. More to come… thanks!

hula berry

original design by Julie Evans, CZT

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