Fricle: Let it SWIRL!

I love swirls and was inspired by Squid somewhat as I tangled these variations on Fricle—part fern, part tenticle! Fricle likes to be free and break out of the box or string, but this tangle can also be used AS the string. Explore the many options Fricle has to offer. Seasoned tanglers, please let me know if this is a tanglation of something I’ve overlooked. Otherwise, ENJOY!

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original design by Julie Evans, CZT

  • Dale Kaplan

    I think it would be so cool to have a few tangle started in a picture and send it out to the universe of tanglers to finish on their own!!!! See what happens!!! dale:)

  • Cheryl Cianci

    Beautiful Julie and so many possibilities!:)

  • Hannah

    Beautiful! I spent my early childhood in Winston-Salem….what a great place!

  • Kelli Weaver

    It looks so three dimensional.

  • Tina Festa

    WOW I like this pattern!!!
    Tina CZT from Italy.

  • http://yahoozentangle shirley mccarty/ zenpen

    I really like the way you have liberated swirls. Very nice, I will be watching for more of your patterns.

  • Susan Jonsson

    This is my new favorite! Thanks so much for sharing Fricle!

  • Estelle Goodnight

    I just LOVE this tangle!!

  • Karen Crosby

    This is perfect with so many possible variations. Thanks Julie!

  • margaret yoder

    You rock Julie! I love this meditation/art form, and am so thrilled to have a CZT in the family!!!

    Take care,

  • Donna Pepper

    Hi Julie,
    I just love your “Fricle” tangle and how versatile it is. Good for you.
    I was in your CZT class in May, so it is nice to see your work.
    Happy tangling and I’ll be watching for more of your work.
    Donna Pepper

  • Marj

    This is a beautiful tangle!! Thank-you for sharing it!
    I read how you said that creating a tangle puts you in a meditative state. Can you please explain that to me.

  • Ruth Altheim

    Thanks Julie for a beautiful design and showing the variations on one page.

  • peggie schurch

    Nice and easy but looks good too. Almost like “William Morris” and would even look good incorporated with an Initial Letter and coloured and shaded. Well done. Will try it out tonight. Thanks for the Fricle. Peggie

  • Lucy Burger

    Wow! What a beauty. Love it.

  • Sue Williams

    Thanks for sharing such creativity. The possibilites are endless as you have shown. Lovely designs. Greetings from South Africa.

  • annick

    Hi Jullie,

    Thank you for this realy romantic tangle. Here in Belgium are no other means then the internet to learn about tangles. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Linda Farmer

      Hi Annik, you have one of the most gifted Certified Zentangle Teachers right in Belgium – Jella Verelst, this is her website – I hope you can sign up for a class! Cheers, Linda

  • Julie

    Thank you all so much for the support and excitement over Fricle! This is my first featured tangle on and I look forward to seeing the creative ways you use it!

    To Marj’s question: Solving the puzzle of a new tangle (or deconstructing it) calls for focus and being in the present moment. In order to break a pattern down, I must draw it over and over… repeating the pattern, as in creating a Zentangle. The process is relaxing and meditative for me.

  • tricia

    Very cute (and versatile) tangle. The name… ‘fricle’… makes me love it more!

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  • http://ZenBliss Ann

    Julie, you are talented and it shows! I love the swirls and the many variations you have shown with your Fricle. Keep them coming…

  • Sally