FREE Downloads!

Zendala Templates FREE to download! All designs © Julie Evans, 2012. Not for resale. 

I design my templates using a thin light-gray line so you can print and tangle directly on the paper. I use 110# card stock from Staples through my Canon inkjet and am pleased with the results. Each Zendala template prints on a US Letter page and designs measure approximately 7.5-inches.

Great for teaching Zendalas! In my Zendala class, we used Zendala Template 01 and completed one quadrant in the 2.5-hour class. Students then were able to complete the Zendala at home. See photos from my Zendala Class here.

ENJOY! Please share your results with these templates ~ tag me on Facebook or post in the CZT forum. Thanks so much!

Zendala Template 01.pdf  Zendala Template 02.pdf  Zendala Template 03.pdf

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  • Sally Houghton

    These are beautiful, Julie! Thank you ever so much for sharing them!
    CZT 7

    • Julie

      Thank you, Sally!

  • Mary

    Hi Julie,
    Just found your blog via TangleHarmony. Thanks so much for the templates I love to do mandalas. I did one yesterday and am very happy with it but these will be a new challenge. Thanks. Mary in Aust.

    • Julie

      Mary, thanks so much for your comment! So happy your enjoying them.

  • Laura

    I just found an image of a Zendala online, and I fell in love with them. With no money to spend on stencils, this is so perfect, thanks so much for also making them in grey so I can just print and don’t have to transfer!!! I’m really excited to do my first one

    • Julie Evans, CZT

      Aloha and thanks, Laura! Can’t wait to see what you create! :)

    • KalaCreative

      That’s great, Laura! Can’t wait to see what you create with them! ~Julie

  • Katherine

    I had no idea I had been trying to draw Zentangle or Zendala for years, and on accident, I stumbled upon the whole world of Zentangle yesterday. Now I’m eager to learn how to use drawing and Zentangle to meditate and tap into my creative side. I am happy to have found your blog and grateful that you are sharing. I only wish you held classes on Oahu. There are no teachers here!! :’-(

    • KalaCreative

      Aloha Katherine! So happy you found me. I’ve had several people inquire about a Zentangle class on Oahu and it’s still on my wish list, and getting closer to becoming a reality. I’ll keep you posted! ~Julie

  • Sue Hatfield

    The world of Zendala is so awesome looking. I love creating and I just got two books yesterday that my husband got me for an early Christmas gift on creating Zendalas and I am going to start drawing them. I will share what they are after I have created a couple of them.