They’re tangling in Hilo

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve resumed teaching Zentangle classes! I’ve missed it. My friends at Hairy Monkey Books in Hilo offered a nice upstairs meeting space and the students have been excited and enthusiastic tanglers. See for yourself…

Zentangle 1: The Basics. Tangles include Fescu, Flux, Florz, Bales, Rain, Keeko, Hollibaugh, and Tipple.

ZT1-Home-02022013 ZT1a-HMB-01262013

Zentangle 2: Beyond Basics. Tangles include Wirly Bird (new fave), FootLites (another new fave), N’Zepple which turned into Cockles ‘n Mussels, Bilt, Retikulated, Nipa, Ennies, Hurry, Poke Leaf (and a little Poke Root too) and Cadent.

Students loved the eye-popping tangles and enjoyed shading with their smudger tools. They did a marvelous job ~ and a good time was had by all! I look forward to another beginner/beyond basics run in March, so we can do an Advanced class in April. Tangle on!


Hazy Shade of Winter

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt like a hermit for the past month or so… the energies have been swirling, rain and wind howling, and I’ve just wanted to curl up somewhere… like a seed in the ground waiting to emerge. Thankfully, I feel like things are starting to get lighter… of course the return of sunshine has helped! Time to bloom! :)

I’m so grateful for the CZTs, crafters and hobbyists who have given me such positive feedback and encouragement in my Zentangle endeavors. In return, I’d like to share something sweet with you… a book that has nourished my hermiting soul during the hazy shade of “winter” in Hawaii…

I recently purchased Cris Letourneau’s workbook, Made in the Shade ($15.99 on Amazon). It’s all about shading your Zentangle art! This is indeed a workbook—with step-by-step techniques and suggested projects to practice with. I love the Shading Playground in Chapter 6!

The book is entirely black and white, allowing the most basic shading techniques be clearly demonstrated—no distractions. Cris takes the reader through simple shapes, to more complex and even tangle-specific shading options with ease. I gobbled this book up in a few hours—tangling supplies in hand—exploring new techniques and refining ones I’d learned years ago!

If you’re interested in learning more about shading your Zentangle art, this book is for you!

In my previous post, I mentioned that KalaDalas Stencils for wet media (in vinyl) were coming. Well, they’re available now on my Etsy shop!
***CZTs, if you’re going to the upcoming Tangle U 2013 workshop, there are KalaDalas stencils for door prizes so check ’em out!***

Zentangle Classes forming in Hilo for March! Get started with The Basics on Saturday, March 9th at Hairy Monkey Books. Click here for more information.

Zendala Magic!

BIG THANKS to my advanced tangling angels who shared their time, energy and beautiful art with me this week! In the short two hours (next time making it 30 minutes longer) we completed one Zentangle tile-sized Zendala and one quadrant of a 7-inch Zendala. Everyone did a smashing job with both! Working in the round with familiar tangles brings something fresh and new to them. Many students said they loved working with Zendalas best of all! They really got into it… I had to force them to put the pens down in order to start the second one!

Candid shots from Zendala class at P.U.R.E. Wellness, Kernersville

Candid shots from Zendala at Eclectic By Nature, Greensboro

On the small tiles, you’ll see the following tangles: Fengle, Bilt, Chainlette, and Keeko.  

Small Zendala on Zentangle Tile (PURE)


Small Zendala on Zentangle Tile (EBN)

On the large quadrant, you’ll see the following tangles: Tipple, Variation on Stoic Vortex (if anyone can identify the tangle in the large petals, please do), Msst, Riverstones, Lettuce Farm, and Zander.  


Quadrant of Large Zendala


Demo board by Julie Evans, CZT (Zendala Quadrant)

For your Zendala tangling pleasure, please download the PDF of the 7-inch Zendala pattern, my compliments!


Holiday Tangling Ideas

Happy Holidays Everyone! I recently held a holiday Zentangle-inspired art workshop called Jingle Jangle Tangle. The students were advanced tanglers and we had a blast creating these holiday goodies! We did three different holiday themed tangle projects in the three-hour class. In the spirit of giving, I thought I’d share them with YOU!


Oh Christmas Tree!


My students ROCK!


Tangled Holiday Greetings



Featured cards by Tommye Morrison and Lori Jackson

I found blank cards with envelopes at the local craft store. I used a black Zentangle® Trading Card and tangled snowflakes (aka ‘zenflakes’*) with Gelly Roll pens (Metallic Gold, White, Stardust Clear Star) for these holiday card gifts.

Glue the trading card to the blank card OR simply cut two small slits in the front of the blank card and slip the trading card into the slits. A great card AND gift in one! 

*Zenflake patterns from “Yoga For Your Brain” by Sandy Bartholomew at

Download the PDF project worksheet for Tangled Greetings HERE!


Tangled 3D Stars


Adapted from Susan Breen Silvy’s 3D Star Template

  1. I made my Zentangle 3D paper stars from standard white card stock and scored the folds with a tiny, ball -type burnishing tool. (See PDF project worksheet below for template.)
  2. Score all lines on the back side of the paper, using a ruler for accuracy, then cut out the star.
  3. Carefully fold the dashed line scores toward you (create a mountain). Fold the solid lines away from you (create a valley) to get a three dimensional effect.
  4. Flip the star and tangle on the blank side with your favorite pens.
  5. Punch a small hole in the star with a craft needle and add a cord or hook for hanging.

Color was added with Gelly Roll pens (Metallic Gold, White, Stardust Clear Star, Stardust Marine)

Download the PDF project worksheet for 3D Stars HERE!


Deck your Tree with Tampon Angels! Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!

A conversation starter, for sure!


Materials and directions for this fun project can be downloaded (see below).

Color was added with Gelly Roll pens (Metallic Gold, White, Stardust Clear Star)

Download the PDF project worksheet for Tampon Angels HERE!