A Heart-Centered Healing Journey

When my friend Carrie’s mother recently faced a life-threatening health crisis, I discovered the real healing power of tangling and intention. While Carrie’s mom was in ICU, we felt pretty helpless. It was then that I felt called to draw a healing tangle for her. This healing tangle not only helped Carrie’s mother focus on recovery, but allowed Carrie to focus on her own healing. Carrie shares her experience…

I was blessed to receive what can only begin to be described as a “Channelled Healing Tangle”. ┬áJulie was able to create the most beautiful image that not only brought joy, but also healing to my mother and her injured aorta. Making the human aorta into a gorgeous piece of art seems impossible, but not in this case. Once Julie provided me with this pattern of love and healing, I was called to put colors to paper and contribute my piece of the puzzle. One late night between hospital visits led to an explosion of colors and sparkles that completed the energy circle. The final piece of art was gazed upon by many and clearly contributed to my mother’s rapid recovery. We are full of love and appreciation for this creative gift. Thank you Julie, my mother and I are excited to know that others will benefit from your “Healing Tangles”.

Thank you, Carrie, for allowing me to share this wonderful healing journey!

Original healing tangle by Julie Evans, CZT

A heart healing meditation, embellished by Carrie