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In my Boomerang post, I mentioned a project I lovingly worked on in Hawaii with my friend and fellow artist, Mishi Clauberg. Like us on Facebook for messages from the cards, giveaways, contests, and inspiring artwork from tangle artists around the globe. Here’s an excerpt from the website, tanglespeak.com.


TangleSpeak Vol. 1 includes 28 new tangles created from inspirational daily intentions. By clearing your mind and choosing a card, the message in the tangle will enhance your focus as you create your unique works of art. Or for the tangle lovers that don’t always have time to practice daily, allow the card to be the inspiration to hold that relaxing, creative feeling you get when you tangle.

TangleSpeak encourages a daily practice of tangling while using the meditative time to focus on releasing thoughts or ideas that are currently holding you back in life, or giving clarity to those you want to manifest.

The focus deck is designed to be used in many ways. You may simply pull a card and use the tangle and description to focus your intentions throughout the day. Or you can pull an entire series of cards—called a spread—to create an elaborate piece of tangle art. Journaling is also encouraged to give life to your thoughts and track your progress as you work with the deck.

Check out the video and purchase options for CZTs, Wholesale and general public at tanglespeak.com Mahalo!


Julie 2015Aloha, bonjour, howdy, hello! Wow, what a year it’s been! After living in sweet paradise on the Big Island of Hawaii for just over two years, I’m now back in my home state of North Carolina. What brought me back? The same thing that took me to Hawaii in the first place… following my heart. I landed a job teaching Graphic Design at a college in NC and knew that’s where I belonged… in the classroom (at least for now).

Let’s backtrack… in June of 2012, my partner and I sold nearly everything we had, rented our home, packed up our two dogs, and took a leap of faith into the unknown… on a wild and wonderful spiritual and cultural adventure—living on the Big Island of Hawaii.

While on the island, I explored collaborative teaching with Lois and Earl Stokes, CZTs. Our teaching styles compliment each other so well, it was a dream! I also collaborated on a project with my friend, and fellow artist, Mishi Clauberg. We developed a series of 28 cards with tangles and messages to inspire a daily practice of Zentangle. We launched TangleSpeak Focus Deck, Vol. 1 in 2014 and the response has been very positive and uplifting. A little more on that later…

The experience of living in Hawaii has grown me in ways I’m still discovering, but one thing’s for certain, the aloha spirit is alive and well within me ~ wherever I go! Hawaii is a magical place, and the energy is palpable when you live on an active volcano. The wonders and patterns of nature surround you and you realize how small, but connected, we are to one another. I look forward to re-connecting with you all here in 2015.

Yours in tangles,

Gratitude & Great Company

Aloha tangle friends ~ with the latest group of Certified Zentangle Teachers just graduated (CZT #12) I wanted to say WELCOME to a wonderfully talented group of teachers, artists and creators of all flavors. I’m honored to be in the company of such a diverse and gifted tribe!

I was so thrilled to receive my copy of The Beauty of Zentangle—Inspirational Examples from 137 Gifted Tangle Artists Worldwide. I had waited a long time in anticipation for this book, knowing it was going to be gorgeous. Suzanne McNeill, CZT and Cindy Shepard, CZT did a wonderful job compiling the examples and laying out the pages. Mahalo, ladies!

I am humbled and grateful to have two pieces of my artwork in this book, alongside amazing tangle artists from all over the world! There is so much inspiration in these pages and I am motivated to try new techniques as my tangle repertoire evolves.

The Beauty Of Zentangle

The Beauty of Zentangle, “Peace in the World” on page 45

The Beauty Of Zentangle

The Beauty of Zentange, “Twirling” on page 157

Taking my own advice and MAKING TIME FOR MY ART!

New-ish… tangling on koa leaves. Play that feeds my soul. :)

They’re tangling in Hilo

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve resumed teaching Zentangle classes! I’ve missed it. My friends at Hairy Monkey Books in Hilo offered a nice upstairs meeting space and the students have been excited and enthusiastic tanglers. See for yourself…

Zentangle 1: The Basics. Tangles include Fescu, Flux, Florz, Bales, Rain, Keeko, Hollibaugh, and Tipple.

ZT1-Home-02022013 ZT1a-HMB-01262013

Zentangle 2: Beyond Basics. Tangles include Wirly Bird (new fave), FootLites (another new fave), N’Zepple which turned into Cockles ‘n Mussels, Bilt, Retikulated, Nipa, Ennies, Hurry, Poke Leaf (and a little Poke Root too) and Cadent.

Students loved the eye-popping tangles and enjoyed shading with their smudger tools. They did a marvelous job ~ and a good time was had by all! I look forward to another beginner/beyond basics run in March, so we can do an Advanced class in April. Tangle on!