Julie EvansJULIE EVANS ~ the cre­ative energy behind Kala Creative

Aloha Y’all ~ I was born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina—home of Krispy-Kreme, Hanes, Texas Pete, and R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company—I grew up sur­rounded by green rolling hills, acres of corn and tobacco fields, and the most beau­ti­ful fall leaves you can imag­ine! I spent many sum­mers and week­ends at my grand­par­ents’ moun­tain house by the New River and I attribute my love of nature to that won­der­ful expe­ri­ence. I spent over two years living on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The cre­ative energy of the island lured me into a most wonderful spiritual and cultural adventure! My passion for teaching design lured me back to North Carolina in the summer of 2014.

Best Job in the World ~ I love the heart-centered creative work I do and the wonderful people I get to collaborate with along the way. I enjoy helping people who are passionate about their cause, brand, creation, organization, or business.

I’m Curi­ous ~ I always ask HOW and WHY. Research is as impor­tant as design itself… I want to hear your story and under­stand your busi­ness before launch­ing into a design strat­egy. I want to be part of your team, pro­duc­ing effec­tive design solu­tions for your brand. Together we can cre­ate won­der­ful things.

I Work Hard ~ As they say in North Car­olina, “my peo­ple” have a strong work ethic. I don’t idle well… my hands have to be busy all the time, which is great because doo­dling leads to deli­cious ideas! I go the extra mile, work week­ends when nec­es­sary, get up early, go to bed late, find answers if I don’t know them… I’m your go-to design pro­fes­sional. If I can’t pro­duce what you’re after, I will do my best to find some­one who can.

I Do Dead­lines ~ I man­age time well and work on many projects at once with grace and a cup o’ joe.

Let’s Talk ~ I com­mu­ni­cate with clients pri­mar­ily through email, but wel­come text messages, phone calls and good old fash­ioned face-to-face meet­ings (in person or via Skype or Face­Time). I like to get in on projects at their incep­tion so design isn’t an after­thought, but am flex­i­ble and work well with teams and oth­ers to bring a project together at any stage of the game. Let’s turn ideas into action!