Inspired by… Charli Marie

Hey designers, future designers, and friends! After a long hiatus, I’m finally giving this site and blog some much needed attention. I maintain a fairly active Pinterest board—Ms. E’s Design Board… yet after being steeped in graphic design for nearly 30 years, I figure I’ve got some credibility and info to share that goes beyond a pin… so here goes.

Charli MarieMy latest inspiration is a New Zealand designer and entrepreneur living in London named Charli Marie. She posts design videos every Saturday about tools, projects, and concepts and vlogs every Tuesday about her life as a designer. I’ve started binging her content and if you want an example of strong and consistent branding, Charli’s got it in spades!

Charli Marie TV - iPad Pro ReviewCheck out CharliMarieTV on YouTube I really enjoyed Charli’s review of the iPad Pro, and am happy to hear she uses the app Procreate for hand lettering. I’ve recently been playing with Procreate on my own iPad Pro, and find the experience both enjoyable and thankfully, forgiving. I purchased a few lettering brushes on from Mila Garret Studio. I can’t wait to explore Procreate and hand lettering on the iPad! I promise to share the results.

It’s short and sweet, but I wrote a post about something that’s got my attention these days, when free time is so elusive. I hope I’ll do this more often. I WILL do this more often. Stay tuned… and make time for what feeds you.